Administrative Law

      Toussaint & Coaty attorneys work closely with government issues now, and have done so for decades. In some cases, the firm represents the government. In others, such as driver’s license, liquor license or zoning cases, the firm represents the individual who is regulated by the government.

      The firm’s experience with Special Districts is particularly notable, including a combined total of over fifty years’ attorney experience. Work includes:

  • Lawful conduct of meetings, including notice
  • Elections of directors, as well as TABOR Elections
  • Hirings and Firings of personnel

      The firm’s attorneys also are experienced in handling cases involving cities and counties, state regulatory agencies, and federal regulatory agencies, including, for example:

  • Board of County Commissioners
  • Colorado Bureau of Investigations
  • Colorado Department of Revenue, including the Motor Vehicle Division and the Liquor Enforcement Division
  • U.S. Department of Transportation, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

      Facing the government as an adversary can be daunting. It may seem that the federal, state or local regulators hold all the cards. However, there are many safeguards in federal and state laws to require that the government provide members of the public with due process of law. That means, for example, that the agency cannot be arbitrary and capricious toward you, and cannot ignore laws and regulations when it deals with an individual member of the public.

      For additional information about our ability to assist you with government related issues or requirements, please contact Toussaint & Coaty, P.C. in Evergreen, Colorado.