Corporations and LLC’s

      Toussaint & Coaty attorneys can help you make good choices early in the development of your business as to how to form your business. Also, as your business faces changes in management, ownership or interests, Toussaint & Coaty attorneys can help you as you face the changes and resolve them. At all stages of business formations, purchases, sales and mergers, experienced attorneys are available to you.

      Toussaint & Coaty offers the following routine services to business owners, business managers, corporations and limited liability companies (“LLC’s”):

  • Formation of the business entity or entities
  • Advice regarding capitalization and management of the business
  • Fulfilling the filing requirements at the Office of the Secretary of State of Colorado
  • Assistance with meeting the requirements of the Colorado Department of Revenue
  • Advice for meeting the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service to establish a new taxable entity; and
  • Advice and assistance with routine legal requirements, such as the minutes of the annual meetings of shareholders and directors.

      Toussaint & Coaty maintains a corporate compliance program in order to assist your corporation or LLC in meeting all applicable record keeping requirements. The program includes an annual update letter in which important developments in the law by the Colorado legislature, Colorado courts, and the Colorado Secretary of State are set out for you clearly and concisely, for your convenience.

      For additional information about our ability to assist you with corporations and LLC’s, please contact Toussaint & Coaty, P.C. in Evergreen, Colorado.