Probates & Protections of Rights


      The lawyers and staff at Toussaint & Coaty work with Trustees Guardians, Executors and Personal Representatives to administer, settle and distribute an estate after a death. Our goal is to assist in accomplishing the decedent’s desires quickly and inexpensively.

Our trained personnel can help with:

  • Probate support: When someone dies, estate administration may be required to legally transfer title of assets to the appropriate beneficiaries, to appoint the executor or administrator of the estate, or to determine distribution of estate assets. Probate law can be intimidating, but our experienced staff are here to help with common needs such as admitting the will to probate court; obtaining certified letters testamentary or of administration; or in final distribution of the assets of the estate.
  • Trust Administration: Our law firm assists trustees of revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts throughout the trusts’ existence. One of our attorneys can also function as the trustee, if desired. If one of our attorneys is the trustee, we make sure all bills are paid, all tax returns are filed, and that all moneys and other property from the trust are distributed appropriately and at the right time. If we are asked to assist the trustee, we will perform any of these functionsthat they request.
  • Insurance Claims: When someone dies sometimes the sheer volume of what must be done is overwhelming. Insurance companies have various requirements for making claims. Our lawyers and staff can assist you in promptly accomplishing these goals for life insurance claims, last illness claims, Medicare or Medicaid claims, and/or annuity claims.
  • Guardianship: If someone is unable to care or to make decisions for himself, a Court ordered guardianship gives someone the ability to provide the needed care. One of our attorneys will guide you through the required proceedings.
  • Conservatorship: If a loved one is unable to handle his/her financial and business affairs, and there is not a proper Power of Attorney in place, then it may be necessary to have the District Court appoint a conservator to step and take control of this important role. Our attorneys can assist in the preparation of the court documents, all necessary filings, and any required hearing. In addition our experienced staff and lawyers can assist in meeting the reporting requirements.


      For additional information, contact a lawyer at Toussaint & Coaty in Evergreen, Colorado.