Real Estate Claims and Litigation

      Land may be one of your largest investments. Whether you are buying or selling land, developing it for commercial purposes, or just planning your dream home, problems can arise, and the attorneys at Toussaint & Coaty can help you. We understand local zoning law and land use issues, including code violations and permit denials, and our attorneys have significant experience dealing with the special problems that can accompany land acquisition and use in rural and mountain areas.

      Every agreement presents some risk of nonperformance by either party, and real estate transactions are no different. If you or your company need advice and representation on either side of a broken purchase and sale agreement, a commercial lease dispute or other problems with your tenants, a foreclosure, or a lien or construction problem, contact a real estate attorney at Toussaint & Coaty in Evergreen, Colorado.

      We offer expertise and versatility in real estate dispute resolution arising in Jefferson County, Park County, Clear Creek County, and other Denver metro areas.

      Experienced real estate professionals understand that the right litigation option can promote a favorable resolution of disputes. We also recognize that litigation isn't always the best option for resolving a real estate dispute. Mediation or arbitration may be a better forum for resolving your case. Our attorneys will work closely with you to determine the facts of the dispute and the legal strengths and weaknesses of your case, as well as your objectives. This analysis is essential to developing practical and cost-effective dispute resolution strategies.

We handle such real estate, construction and land use disputes as the following:

  • Land use and zoning problems with local governments
  • Boundary, access and easement disputes
  • Title disputes and quiet title actions
  • Private and governmental condemnations
  • Co-ownership and partition issues
  • Purchase and sale agreement problems - breach of contract for the buyer, specific performance for the seller
  • Lease disputes [link to landlord/tenant]ranging from termination and eviction issues to disagreements over renewal or assignment terms
  • Construction problems - payment or performance issues, contractor or subcontractor replacement, and materials or mechanic's liens

      For additional information, contact us at Toussaint & Coaty in Evergreen, Colorado.