Special Districts

      Colorado has many types of local governments that serve public purposes. Most of these are special districts that have either a single purpose or are a municipal district with multiple purposes. The attorneys at Toussaint & Coaty are very experienced in the representation of many types of districts. The firm has served as both special and general counsel to a wide variety of districts.

We can help in the following areas:

  • District Formation Starting a District is daunting. There are many layers of government that may be involved including the State of Colorado, local municipalities, and one or more counties, as well as the Court system.
  • Financing/Taxes Government needs a source of revenue to be able to function. This can be a mixture of fees or taxes. Our attorneys are experienced in many types of financing for local governments. They know how to comply with the Constitutional, statutory, and administrative rules and regulations. They have assisted in creating bonds and refinancing them.
  • Statutory Compliance Special Districts are regulated by statutes, especially the Special District Act. There are many other statutes and regulations that must also be adhered to. Our lawyers and staff can help in all phases of compliance. Statutory Compliance includes budgets, audits, reporting requirements, and open meetings, among others.
  • Intergovernmental Agreements No government can serve in a vacuum. Most Special Districts have agreements with other governments. We can assist in drafting or interpreting these Agreements for you.
  • Dispute Resolution Special Districts are not immune to disputes. These can be resolved through negotiations, mediationarbitration or litigation. At Toussaint & Coaty we are trained and experienced in all of these methods, and can apply any of them as circumstances may dictate.


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