Water & Natural Resource Law

      The professionals at Toussaint & Coaty can assist you with your goals in this complicated area. Whether you are focused on mining law, water law or environmental quality laws, we can assist you.

      Water Law This area of the law grows in importance yearly. Whether you are interested in ground water including the many types of wells or surface rights including reservoirs and ditches, we can assist you and your other professionals. Many water rights are now included in Plans for Augmentation, and we can assist you with the administration of such Plans.

      Mining Law Colorado has many mining claims throughout the state. People are starting to revisit these rights for various land uses. Our attorneys are experienced in Real Estate Transactions and Real Estate Claims and Litigation. We can also assist with environmental issues arising from mining activities.

      Permitting In today’s world of ever more regulations, the attorneys at Toussaint and Coaty can assist you in obtaining permits. Whether these are wetlands permits or landuse permits requiring multi-disciplined presentations, we have the knowledge and experiece to assist you.

      Environmental Compliance More activities require compliance with a bevy of Acts and Regulations. We can help you through the morass in order remain in compliance with various federal, state and local requirements.

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